By Frances Swayne

This old e-book can have a number of typos and lacking textual content. dealers can frequently obtain a unfastened scanned reproduction of the unique booklet (without typos) from the writer. no longer listed. no longer illustrated. 1907 version. Excerpt: ...These shrubs sometimes develop jointly, and it's very curious to notice how, with unerring intuition, the animals will greedily feed upon the only and stay away from the opposite. Ergin frequently presents covert for lions, yet to my nice sadness I by no means observed any of those noble beasts. there's not anything Somalis like rather a lot as to be relocating on, or hate greater than staying quietly in a single position, for this reason they weren't the least bit positioned out via having to take down the entire tents and pitch them afresh 5 miles additional on; the single distinction they made, was once to ship at the mules with all of the eatables, etc., first, in order that once we arrived our dinner was once prepared, and whereas we have been eating our tents have been pitched and organized. This spot used to be the one campingground i used to be at, the place there has been no water; in fact the nien knew this truth previously, and organized for it by way of taking a few camels in particular to hold the water tins containing water for our use, and for cooking reasons; yet we have been the one dwelling creatures supplied for, no different guy or beast had a drop, and so far as shall we see, it made no distinction to their convenience. One guy to whom I spoke stated, “ We drank the day gone by, and shall drink the following day; lots of water to-morrow, it’s all right.” As Abdulla used to be a lot hired on the Sheikh camp, and had such a lot of issues to seem after, we took for our head guy this time Adan Yusuf, who had, twenty-one years sooner than, been head guy to Colonel S--, R.E., brother to the Commissioner, and had in view that then observed him with the Rodd undertaking to Abyssinia and different exploring events. He got here up after dinner to obtain his orders for the next day to come, after which inquired so much rather of me approximately Colonel S, and enlarged upon his prowess as a sportsman....

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They covered the whole of the inside of the tent with Italian striped silk blankets which I had brought out with me, and which, as well as the safety pins with which they were fixed, afforded the men the greatest satisfaction. But much as they admired the pins, none were missing when the decorations were taken down. The militia men, quite of their own accord and without my telling them, brought in boughs of box and tied them to the tent poles, and also made a wreath of evergreens long enough to go quite round the tent and edge the blankets.

In Somaliland. 45 Φ A W o m a n ' s Pleasure Trip as I admired them, I knew they had other work to do, so I said the wreath must be sewn to the walls of the tent. The only packing needle available was far too small to carry our string, but the Somali has plenty of savoir faire, and in a few minutes one of the men brought me a capital needle exactly the right size, which the Tomals (the metal workers) had made while I was waiting. They usually make the tools for any work upon which they happen to be engaged, and these are often wonderfully well adapted for the purpose for which they are to be used.

They wear armlets of more or less value according to their rank in life. Women with less clothing than I have described are never seen. After arranging the tobe in this manner there is still a good deal not used, and this is utilized as something in which to carry a baby or any other burden, or is drawn up over the head and shoulders as an additional protection against cold. The feet of both men and women are bare unless they are going to wralk in stony places, and then they wear native shoes, which are a kind of sandal with soles composed of about five thicknesses of leather, kept on by a heel strap and a leather loop round the middle toe, and with turn-up ends in front which serve as an admirable protection to the feet.

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