By Michael Parker

Strangers meet over the hood of a used motor vehicle in Texas: Marcus, who's fleeing either his monetary and private disasters; and Maria, who after years of dodging her error has lower back to her place of birth to make amends. One taking a look ahead, the opposite on reflection, they face off over the automobile they either wish and imagine they want: a low-slung sky-blue 1984 Buick Electra.

The automobile, too, has noticeable its percentage of mess ups. every one dent and ripped seam represents a pivotal second within the lives of others: from the boy who assembled it at an Indiana plant to all its resulting owners—a God-fearing guy who sells it while he sees a pretty woman sprawled throughout its hood, a physician who can't dissociate it from his son's destiny, and a rancher's spouse who'd a lot relatively reside with no it for the entire historical past it carries.

After figuring out one another for only an hour, Marcus and Maria choose to purchase the Buick jointly. As this unbelievable novel follows the rocky paths of the Electra and its owners—both previous and present—these strangers shape an unforeseen and finally resilient alliance.

All i've got during this World is a special form of love tale concerning the strength of friendship and the methods we needs to discover ways to forgive ourselves if we're ever to maneuver on.

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