By S. m. Drobenkov

This ebook summarizes the result of a long term research of amphibian distribution, ecology and morphology within the Republic of Belarus. For all amphibian species corresponding to Triturus vulgaris, T. cristatus, Bombina bombina, Pelobates fuscus, Bufo bufo, B. viridis, B. calamita, Hyla arborea, Rana temporaria, R. arvalis, R. ridibunda, R. lessonae and Rana esculenta, geographical and habitat distribution, assemblage constitution, feeding, task, copy and improvement are defined. distinct research of morphological edition and the differentiation of populations through panorama areas are given. nearby difficulties of anthropogenic strain and technique of species conservation are mentioned. The ebook can also serve a advisor to the amphibians of Belarus and will good be utilized by either experts and amateurs.

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The toad breeds in various water bodies but more often in shallow waters and well-warmed water bodies: temporary puddles, ponds, floodplain meadows, sand pits and fire basins filled with water, former river beds, fishery ponds and water storage reservoirs (Fig. 14). 082 m), poorly overgrown and open basins with still water. Green Toads often breed in the same pools as syntopic Natterjack Toads. In such situations, mixed pairs of these species in amplexus occur quite often, and this may create conditions for their natural hybridization.

The morphological features of the Pool Frog include relative length of hind leg and form and dimensions of the inner metatarsal tubercle. 04 times. Thus, from the Pool Frog to the Marsh Frog the relative length of the hind legs increases, and the relative size of the inner metatarsal tubercle decreases. These morphological features allow field identification of green frogs. int (Tsaune, 1987). The degree of variability of particular characters in the Pool Frog is less than in the two other species of this group.

The mating call is a quiet, hoarse rumbling. Amplexus is axillary. Quite often males clasp Moor and Green frogs, Common Toads, pieces of bark, bottles and other objects. Spawning occurs in shallow water (15–30 cm). Several dozen adults are concentrated in a water body, and in the most favorable of them may include 150–200 or more individuals. Population density in breeding aggregations can reach 5–9 specimens/m 2 of water surface. Clutches of the Common Frog are usually deposited in a restricted area of pool.

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