By Yury Verlinsky, Anver Kuliev

Widely illustrated, this atlas is a guide for the institution and consciousness of PGD in the framework of assisted copy and genetics providers. totally revised and up to date, the atlas contains descriptions of the authors' pioneering paintings on polar physique established PGD for genetic and chromosomal problems. The authors' novel event of PGD for late-onset problems with genetic predisposition may be of distinctive curiosity. Their collected PGD adventure for poor-prognosis IVF sufferers provides extra proof of the advance of medical end result and the requirement for meiotic blunders trying out for a better accuracy of preselecting aneuploidy-free embryos for move.

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2f). The micropipette containing the PB1 is lowered to the bottom of the dish and the PB1 is expelled, with careful attention paid so as not to scratch the bottom o f the dish with the microtool, avoiding PB 1 adherence to the dish and breakage during its trans­ fer to the microcentrifuge tubes containing lysis buffer. Transfer is accomplished by a separate, atten­ uated, sterile Pasteur pipette with its tip heated over a microtorch and hand pulled. The pipette is trans­ ferred to the de Fonbrune microforge, and its atten­ uated portion is broken and flame-polished to a diameter of 40 (im.

Mosaicism currently represents a major limitation of the FISH analysis of aneuploidies, performed at the cleavage stage, which may obvi­ ously affect the diagnostic accuracy of PGD, result­ ing in the possible transfer of an affected embryo, one or a few cells of which were found to be normal due to mosaicism. Conversely, when the embryo is erroneously diagnosed as abnormal, while it is actu­ ally normal, the perfectly normal embryo may be untransferred, compromising the chances o f the patient to become pregnant.

Each of the two approaches has advantages and disadvan­ tages, and are applied depending on the clinical circumstances. For example, despite a reduction in embryo cell number, which may have an influence on the embryo viability, embryo biopsy is performed for paternally derived chromosomal abnormalities, as well as for gender determination. However, removal of PBI and PB2, naturally extruded from oocytes in the process of maturation and fertilization, respec­ tively, should not have any effect on the embryo viability, although it provides no information on gender and paternal meiotic errors.

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